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Middlebury New Filmmakers Festival – Vermont Tour

Feb 9 2020

$10 or $16 for Both Screenings

The Dog Doc  at 1pm

Directed by Cindy Meehl

The Dog Doc profiles a maverick veterinarian and his dedicated team of doctors who create a mecca for pets and their owners looking for hope and a last chance for animal healing.

The Dog Doc poses deep questions about effective treatment, pushing humans to consider the difference between medication and integrative, holistic care. This sharply observed documentary offers an immersive view into a seldom seen world, painting a picture of pure dedication, empathy, and joy.

The Dog Doc was the Opening Night film at MNFF this past August.

101 minutes run time


Don’t Be Nice  at 3:30pm

Directed by Max Powers

Don’t Be Nice tells the compelling story of a team of young New York City Slam Poets that finds its voice as it prepares and competes for the National Championship during the summer of 2016.

An emotional and inspiring film that gives insightful commentary on race, gender, identity, and sexual politics in America today. Don’t Be Nice is both an absorbing competition doc and a vital writer’s workshop that movingly proves that winning hearts and minds is the ultimate prize.

Don’t Be Nice was selected as Best Feature Documentary at the 5th Annual Middlebury New Filmmakers Festival this past August. The film’s Producer, Nikhil Melnechuk, will attend and participate in a Q&A with the Paramount’s Executive Director, Bruce Bouchard, following the screening.

95 minutes run time

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