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Finding Traction

Oct 2 2015

7:00 PM

Tickets: $12 Adults, $6 (18) & Under

Rutland-area native and award winning athlete Nikki Kimball brings her message of determination and achievement through ultrarunning back home in “Finding Traction”, an award winning documentary that follows Kimball’s quest to run the 273-mile Long Trail in record time.

For Nikki Kimball the quest was simple – Run the fastest. Send a message: Women are equal in professional sports.

Nikki’s story is full of power and strength. Produced and directed by Jaime Jacobsen, Finding Traction is an inspiring film that not only demonstrates Nikki’s commitment to ultrarunning, but her greater commitment to making sure that females always have a place at the table when it comes to athletic achievement. Nikki will appear to talk about her Long Trail experience, and what it took to do her physical and mental best.

Presenting the film is Girls on the Run Vermont, the statewide program empowering young girls to develop physical, social and emotional well being. Its curriculum offers strategies for dealing with everything from body image, peer pressure, media messages, and social media, in healthy, active, and positive ways. The session culminates with a boisterous 5k walk/run where each girl is celebrated and honored.

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